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CSRMutually Beneficial Management

Competitiveness of suppliers =
Establishment of a win-win cooperative model for the mutual
growth and competitiveness of Shinsegae

Shinsegae Food has focused on developing a practical and mutually beneficial management program to share our
growth with our suppliers. We are fully engaged in practicing mutually beneficial management techniques by
selecting our four core agendas. These are: expansion of support funds; a strengthened management capacity;
sharing of performance’ and reinforcing respectful management, in order to discover other excellent small businesses.

four core
Expansion of
Support funds
Sharing of
Expansion of support funds
All of our purchases come from excellent small suppliers, who we pay in 100% cash. We have established preemptive funding plans and provided support and purchasing funds to a number of farming corporations. We have also established a mutually beneficial model, and we are expanding its size every year to develop the model on a national scale. In this way, we are creating a foundation where we have a stable supply of necessary agricultural products through close mutual partnerships with local governments and local farms, while the farms are able to conduct business at a proper price, without having to worry about sales and distribution networks.
Reinforced Respectful Management of Suppliers
We are trying to expand the size of our program for the respectful management of suppliers by opening a shared growth meeting, with the company CEOs as guests. We will also revitalize communication through regular meetings and visits with suppliers, in order to improve their level of satisfaction.
Improvement of the satisfaction of our suppliers
We will conduct a periodical satisfaction survey with our partner suppliers based on four topics. These are: awareness/system of fair trade, convenience of transactions, support to suppliers and awareness/system of shared growth. In this way, we can hear the voices of our suppliers, and apply their opinions to our management practices. We have been using the results of the surveys – after feedback – to establish improvement measures and as an important factor in evaluating our relevant departments.
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