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CSRTransparent Management

A trustworthy company that fulfills its social responsibilities,
and is based on an honest and transparent corporate culture

Shinsegae Food promotes transparent management with a corporate culture that is honest and upright, based on the management philosophy of Shinsegae, which has implemented its CSR management system for the first time in Korea. We have implemented transparent accounting policies and an electronic accounting system, and have appointed auditors and outside directors to ensure our financial soundness. We have also reinforced the law-abiding activities and the prevention of any wrongdoing and/or malfeasance by our executives and employees through three reporting systems: Shinsegae Pay, Clean Report and Reports on Transactions with Acquaintances.

Major CSR management system
Three reporting systems
  • Shinsegae Pay
  • Clean Reports
  • Reports on Transactions
    with Acquaintances
Ensuring financial soundness
through an interior accounting
management system and
an electronic accounting system
Operation of a CSR Team
to practice management of
the company’s social responsibilities
Observance of Shinsegae’s
CREDO principles, by all Shinsegae Food
executives and employees

In particular, we have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team in charge of managing all social responsibilities within the organization, in order to practice good CSR, and all of our executives and employees abide by the Shinsegae CREDO principles. We will continue to grow as a food company that fulfills its social responsibilities, with a firm belief in growth based on trust between the company and its customers.

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