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Shinsegae Food provides customized food services
hat far exceed customers' expectations of taste,
quality, food safety, and more.

Development of an Advanced
Premium Food Service Model

A leading food distributor in Korea,
Shinsegae Food has used its advanced infrastructure and
vast expertise to make great strides in the field of
consignment meal service, revolutionizing the food service industry
by making customer service its top priority.
Shinsegae Food provides customized food services for facilities such as offices,
research centers, hospitals and universities by
using data analysis to pinpoint each customer's needs.
In particular, Shinsegae Food is devoted to developing
a new model of advanced premium food services
that is a combination of more traditional restaurant and meal service models.

  • Enterprises/Industries/Research Centers
    • Shinsegae Food provides food services that consider the customer’s preferences and well-being, as well as the characteristics of the individual workplace.
    • Shinsegae Food provides customized plans that combine restaurant-like services with premium meals.
  • Hospitals
    • Shinsegae Food serves nutritious and delicious foods made by certified nutritionists who are familiar with hospital infrastructure and operations.
    • Shinsegae Food services can improve a hospital's image by providing customized services that meet the specific needs of each customer, whether visitor or employee.
  • Universities/Dormitories
    • Shinsegae Food uses regular evaluations and feedback from staff and students to provide meals that are both appetizing and nutritionally balanced.
    • Shinsegae Food adheres to strict food safety standards and management procedures.

Consultation process for contracted meal services

  1. Extensive customer consultation and survey
  2. Proposal of plans of operation
  3. Signing of contract for food services
  4. Preparing for the launching of restaurants
  5. Initiation of operations and management

At Shinsegae Food, customer satisfaction is the top priority,
from the initial consultation phrase to the operation and management of
a signed contract for food services.

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