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The Company’s primary focus is on creating newer,
healthier food and beverage experiences.

As the next growth engine of the Shinsegae Group, we have developed Vision 2023, a strategy that aims to create a newer and healthier food and beverage experience by 2023 through the expertise and experience that come from years of R&D efforts and food manufacturing. To achieve this goal, the company is focusing its energies on making the food and beverage sector more competitive.

VISION 2023 Blueprint

The Company has set its revenue target as
5 trillion won. Details are as follows:
  • Manufacturing
    Expand NB business and serve as a hub for manufacturing PB items
  • R&D
    Develop menu items/food products and conduct basic research for innovation
  • Restaurant
    Supply the Group’s signature brands of food and beverage items
  • Food ingredients
    Supply distinctive products & services dedicated solely to B2B
  • Meal service
    Grow to become a premium food service brand
  • Mission
    Shinsegae Food will be an innovative company that seeks an opportunity in every customer complaint, breaks with traditions and pursues sustainable growth.
  • Vision
    Based on the achievements that come from our years of R&D efforts and food manufacturing, the company will create a newer, healthier food and beverage experience.
  • Core Value
    customers executives and employees
    Work mode
    performance Innovation
    Capacity to build
    Communication brand value win-win strategy
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