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Customers, Shareholders, and Suppliers Growing Together
A New Paradigm for the Development of the Food Industry

Greetings everyone Shinsegae Food has been supporting our Customers for two decades, with the four core businesses of meal service, restaurants, food distribution and manufacturing, based on the infrastructures and expertise built up by the Shinsegae Group, the largest retailer in Korea. We have played a leading role in the development of the domestic food service industry, and launched premium restaurant brands to reflect the latest trends. We have also employed a win-win approach to the food distribution business so that local farms and smaller businesses can share the economic benefits, and have expanded B2C and B2B food manufacturing businesses into the HMR market. All this means that we can say with confidence that Shinsegae Food is at the forefront of all food-related sectors and is writing a new chapter in the history of the food industry in Korea. With a clear vision for the future, Shinsegae Food will move toward becoming a truly global food company by embracing changes and innovation, rather than being complacent about the current achievements. Hopefully, Shinsegae Food will create a new paradigm for the development of the Korean food industry and will continue with efforts to be a trustworthy company that fulfills its social responsibilities and grows together with our customers, shareholders and suppliers, as one big family.

Shinsegae Food CEO
Seong-Jei Choi
seounghwan Kim shinsegae ceo sign

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