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CSRSocial Contribution

In order to enlarge and improve its social contribution activities using the qualities of its corporate culture,
Shinsegae Food has formed a partnership with Seoul City, as well as local organizations and groups and affiliates
of Shinsegae and the E-Mart Group. The company has been actively taking part in various social contribution
programs, targeting vulnerable social groups and neglected neighbors such as elderly
persons with no one to rely on, underfed children, and disabled persons with no income.

The Lunchbox of Love program delivers lunches to vulnerable social groups twice every week, together with our food service and restaurant businesses throughout the country.

Shinsegae Food has begun a consignment meal service for the first time in Korea. The company has been actively engaging in a campaign to deliver the Lunchbox of Love program to vulnerable social groups from its business places across the country, so that they do not have to miss a meal. Since 2005, we have been sending the executives and employees in our food service and restaurant businesses across the country to the homes of elderly persons with no one to rely on. Children of families without parents and disabled persons in the relevant regions, starting from the Seoul-Incheon area, also receive a meal twice every week through Lunchbox of Love deliveries. By sharing the idea of this campaign through affiliated food businesses such as the Shinsegae Department Store and E-Mart, Shinsegae Food plans to take the lead in this program where executives and employees take part in delivering the lunchboxes, so that the campaign can go beyond our affiliated and client companies, spreading to the society at large.

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