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The Company’s primary focus is on creating newer,
healthier food and beverage experiences.

Shinsegae Food’s twenty-year commitment to developing distinctive and
unique food items have given the Shinsegae Group and E-mart,
an affiliated retailer, the upper hand in the food industry, both in Korea and abroad.

With the aim of strengthening the core elements of the food business, Shinsegae Food has streamlined its core functions into a linearly aligned system, ranging from the sourcing of raw materials to R & D, production, processing, storing, logistics, marketing and sales, a first in the food industry. This shows that our business has a competitive edge in all sectors, including food distribution, food manufacturing, restaurant business, consignment meal service. We have led the way in the innovation of food delivery by adopting a more advanced purchase system involving contract farming, consignment farming and stockpile purchasing, with the specific goal of maintaining our lead in the agriculture, fishery and livestock sectors.

As well, we have led the global sourcing business in Korea that involves finding top global brands of food products, obtaining exclusive licenses, and supplying them to domestic markets. In addition, we operate six food plants that process meat and fruit, pre-treat agro-fishery products, and produce noodles, rice cakes, fresh foods, such as triangle gimbap, sandwiches and lunch boxes, sauces, baked goods and HMR products. Our steady investments in R&D have developed both B2B food ingredients that can be distributed at large volume and B2C retail foods, setting us apart from our competitors in food distribution and manufacturing.

Shinsegae Food, a leader in the domestic meal service market for the last two decades, is now focused on developing a new premium meal service that advances the Korean food service market by combining a meal service and a restaurant business. Indeed, we have launched new and specialized restaurants, including Olbaan, Devil’s Door, o’slo, Gramercy Hall and Johnny Rockets, to reflect the rapidly changing trend of dining culture. As a result, we have received a great deal of attention from the industry, and continue to engage in creating a luxury brand that befits our image.

Shinsegae Food makes it a top priority to ensure mutually beneficial relationships among the company, employees and customers, and will develop into a global food company that bases its business on shared growth with partners and suppliers, commitment to social responsibilities, and ethical management that encourages honesty and transparency.

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