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A leading HMR food company
that makes a positive contribution to your daily lives

A Best R&D Center

The Shinsegae Food R&D Center,
boasting the nation's best infrastructure and
staffed with the nation's top researchers,
has developed a variety of soups, stews, casseroles,
salads, processed meat, sauces, noodles and rice cakes,
baked goods and fresh foods. These products,
developed under Shinsegae Food's private label,
have been groundbreaking items in the domestic market.

Premium HMR market

Shinsegae Food has been leading the way in the premium Home Meal Replacement (HMR) market by providing simple, nutritious, and delicious B2B products for food distribution businesses and B2C retail products.

product picture
RTC product (Ready To Cook)
Ready-To-Cook products:
pre-packaged ingredients and seasonings for quick and easy cooking
product picture
RTH product (Ready To Heat)
Ready-To-Heat products:
simply heat and eat
product picture
RTE product (Ready To Eat)
Ready-to-Eat products:
open the package and eat

Shinsegae Food is a pioneer in the HMR food market and continues to develop new and varied products that
meet the preferences and tastes of consumers.

Private Brand (PB) products or Peacock products
Private brand products are
those that are developed in cooperation
with large supermarkets and convenience stores
and are produced/supplied using
Shinsegae Food’s quality management systems
and production equipment.
NB브랜드 제품사진
National Brand (NB) products
National Brand (NB) products
are produced and supplied through
five food manufacturing plants.
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