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hansik olbaan

Brand Story

Launching Year : 2014. 10

The quality of Korean food improves when it is cooked right. Olbaan, meaning 'serving well-cooked food the right way,' is a Korean food business developed by Shinsegae Food in consultation with Park Jong-sook, a food researcher who has researched the Korean food market and is inspired by menus from various regions and head houses. Shinsegae Food considers reliable ingredients, a standardized taste and a reasonable price to be the success factors of the Korean food business, and has focused on a stable supply of the top four ingredients for Olbaan's signature menus: beans, rice, sauce and vegetables.

Shinsegae Food plans to take the lead in commercializing Korean food, for people of all ages to enjoy, by avoiding competition and upgrading the quality of Korean food based on Olbaan's sincere and unique values, and to succeed in bringing the Korean food business up to a high standard.

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