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GRAMERCYHALL Fast slow food provides restaurant-style services and high quality food.

Brand Story

Launching Year : 2012. 7

GRAMERCY HALL is a full-service restaurant brand that is serving 'fast slow food' for the first time in Korea, opening a new paradigm for food courts in department stores. Its biggest difference from other food court restaurants is that after being led to your seat, you can order, enjoy the food and make your payment while sitting at your table. In particular, you can enjoy top restaurant-quality, multinational dishes cooked by chefs, including Japanese, Mexican, Italian, American and Korean food, such as cold noodle dishes using noodles freshly made in the store, and different stews using handmade tofu as one of the ingredients.

Other than the main dishes, there is also wine, fresh juice, cocktails and coffee made with premium coffee beans, as well as confectionery and baked goods, all of which you can enjoy alongside a full course in GRAMERCY HALL's 'fast slow food' style. GRAMERCY HALL plans to create a new model for food courts in department stores, by combining restaurant-quality services and top quality menus created by professional chefs, while maintaining the reasonable price of a food court.

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