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DEVIL's DOOR "Mecca for trendy beers and ales An American-style gastropub"

Brand Story

Launching Year : 2014. 11

Devil's Door is an American-style gastropub. It is a combination of a restaurant and a pub where you can enjoy craft beer. The brand brews its own beer with a 230-year-old traditional German Caspary brewing machine, based on a recipe developed by Korea's top brewing masters. It also serves three varieties of Ales such as Pale Ale, India Pale Ale and Stout, as well as more than 20 varieties of international Ales that are difficult to encounter in Korea. Moreover, you can enjoy over 30 kinds of food at a reasonable price, such as burgers, pizza, bar snacks and entrees that go well with beer, made by chefs from the Shinsegae Food R&D Center.

Devil's Door has also established a separate brewing laboratory within the store to expand its base of craft beer, and runs a program for customers who want to brew their own Ale, giving them an opportunity to participate in the whole brewing process alongside a brewing master. Devil's Door has been praised for shedding new light on Ale, which has been neglected in the domestic liquor market which is dominated by Lager. In particular, the fact that people can now enjoy Ale freshly brewed from a large brewing machine, in a large space decorated with a lush interior design, has made it possible for the brand to lead the trend in providing new alternatives to the domestic food service market. Shinsegae Food plans to make Devil's Door grow to become a trendy mecca for beer lovers, where they can be the first to hear the latest news about beer in Korea.

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