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Brand Story

Launching Year : 2016. 4

Wonder Scoop, the Magical Ice Cream that Satisfies Your Curiosity! Wonder Scoop?true to its name?offers magical ice creams that will satisfy your curiosity. Pursuing our ambition to create a whole new kind of ice cream, Wonder Scoop is developing products with better taste and quality. Wonder Scoop offers Wonder, a product line-up of unique ice creams made of ingredients with unique tastes discovered from all around the world; and Local, a product line-up of truly natural ice creams made of quality local ingredients farmed in Korea.

Wonder Scoop also offers over ten varieties of ice creams whose sumptuous sights and flavors will excite adventurers who dare to try new ice creams. Each and every scoop of Wonder Scoop satisfies your need for surprises, fun, and epicurean pleasure. Wonder Scoop presents a very special and unprecedented experience and adds the sweetest moment to your days. Beginning with its first store in Gwacheon opening on April 29, Wonder Scoop will open more stores near you soon.

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