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PEACOCK HMR brand that you can enjoy various healthy foods

Brand Story

Launching Year : 2014. 1

HMR brand that you can
enjoy various healthy foods
Shinsegae Food runs manufacturing plants that produce various foods such as processed meat, noodle/rice cakes, sauces, Central Kitchen (CK), Fresh Food (FF) and Home Meal Replacement (HMR), and the company currently supplies customized foods through its Original Equipment Manufacturing system to not only the Shinsegae Group, but also to distribution channels such as E-Mart, With-me and Starbucks.

In particular, as people's lifestyles have changed in a way that they focus more on the convenience of cooking, due to the increase of women participating in economic activities and of dual income households and single people, the HMR market has rapidly grown. Thus, Shinsegae Food is continuously making efforts to develop new products through our R&D Center that consider the needs of consumers. Recently, the company and E-Mart jointly created E-Mart's PB brand called Peacock, leading a new trend with various products for each HMR category.

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