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"Premium ice made of fresh milk o'slo creates healthy and pure food with ingredients prepared on the day and fresh milk."

Brand Story

Launching Year : 2015. 1

"o'slo" is a premium ice cream brand that keeps the original flavor of fresh milk. Through a technical partnership with Shiroichi in Japan, o'slo serves fresh ice cream with a pure taste and good value, made from the brand's own recipe and know-how that cannot be imitated. The brand only uses top quality milk with more than 4.0% butterfat, as well as fresh eggs, whipped cream and butter, instead of using processed foods containing a higher percentage of fat, in order to produce the "freshest ice cream". Its principle is to never use any kind of preservative that can disturb the fresh taste, color and texture of the ice cream.

Put o'slo ice cream in the refrigerator for a minute, and you will be able to enjoy its heavenly texture. While the outer part forms a soft crunchy layer, the inside has a smooth and unique texture and a pure flavor. o'slo serves four dishes including: its signature item Original Ice, offering soft crunchiness yet a clean taste; Milk Float, a combination of fresh milk and Original Ice; Coffee Float, a combination of ice cream and two shots of espresso, freshly brewed with Vecchia e Nuovo's blend of coffee beans; and Red Bean Float, a Milk Float with an added sweet red bean topping.

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