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Johnny Rockets The Original Hamburger

Brand Story

Launching Year : 2011. 2

Johnny Rockets is an American-style old fashioned hamburger restaurant.

Since launching its first store in Los Angeles, USA, under the slogan of 'The Original Hamburger' in 1986, Johnny Rockets has grown to become America's leading hamburger restaurant, with more than 360 stores in 26 countries including the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The brand has been loved by Americans for a long period of time, thanks to its never-failing unique brand value with traditional American food and culture delivered with Fresh, Fun and Friendly service.

Johnny Rockets is well known for manually completing all of the core elements of the business such as the menus, services and operating system, and does not compromise with external variables in terms of keeping its unique brand value.

The Johnny Rockets hamburger is a premium burger with excellent taste and quality, where fresh toppings, a self-developed sauce and rich gravy from the beef patties are harmonized together. There are more than 50 signature items on the Johnny Rockets menu, including the Original Hamburger, American Fries, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads and handmade shakes.
Currently running 12 stores in Korea, Johnny Rockets plans to lead the domestic premium hamburger market with price competitiveness, top quality food, differentiated services and Johnny Rockets's original menu based on its brand identity focusing on American-style original hamburgers, as well as a localization strategy that considers the appetites of Koreans.

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