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FOODHALL Premium food court

Brand Story

Launching Year : 2006. 10

Shinsegea Food's concession 'FOODHALL' brand is a premium food court where you can enjoy themed menus including Korean, Chinese, Asian fusion, Japanese and dessert outlets. Shinsegae Food has been expanding its concession business by launching the FOODHALL brand in various public facilities and commercial complexes, such as airports, large supermarkets, complex shopping malls, outlets, hospitals and resorts. According to the scale of the store, as well as the preferences of customers in particular regions, the FOODHALL can be flexible in organizing its MD of food and beverages, to satisfy the tastes of its core customer base through partnerships with outside brands, with a competitiveness that matches with the ideals of Shinsegae Food.

FOODHALL, which concept is to have customers experience their senses, holds nine brands, including Charim (stew and soup); BokaBoka (tepanyaki); Kanso (pork cutlets); Noodle Tour(noodles); Bibimbap Factory (bibimbap and rice served with toppings); Hao (Chinese food); Saecham (snacks); Hello Sushi (sushi and sashimi) and Club Pizza (pizza), which are run selectively. Shinsegae Food plans to make the FOODHALL brand the best concession brand in Korea.

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