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Brand Story

Launching Year : 2013. 11

With real brunch table, Egg Talks is a restaurant that provides a delightful venue for people to enjoy fresh and healthy dishes over pleasant conversations. Egg Talks only uses eggs laid by healthy hens less than 50 weeks old that have had no injections of antibiotics, growth hormone shots, or other hormone drugs. These eggs are fresh and are less than three days old, resulting in an even quality with a higher sugar content and lower salinity, which is more savory and delicious than general eggs. There are more than 80 kinds of brunch items at a reasonable price, some of which you will not be able to taste anywhere else but at Egg Talks. The menu range includes fresh egg dishes, pancakes, waffles, salad, pizza, pasta, bread, rice-based dishes, noodles, desserts and beverages.

Enjoy a collection of brunch dishes including: salad made with carefully selected, fresh and nutritious crispy vegetables; the brand's signature dish of a soft omelet; eggs benedict made with love and care; scrambled eggs that just melt in your mouth; pancakes topped with sweet maple syrup; oven pizza with a thin, crispy crust and chewy cheese; Asian-style rice & noodle dishes to create a balance in the traditional brunch menu; freshly baked bread; and top quality Lavazza Gold Selection coffee. All of the food at Egg Talks is cooked by chefs in an open kitchen, and served with high quality service.

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