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DEAN & DELUCA "Come to Dean & Deluca, and you will be amazed by the beauty before your eyes."

Brand Story

Launching Year : 2011. 2

Dean & Deluca is a premium food brand established by Giorgio Deluca and his best friend Joel Dean in 1977 to realize their dream of creating a new food culture that New Yorkers had never experienced before. As a leading brand, it first introduced Italian and the Mediterranean traditional food to America, presenting that country with all kinds of new experiences in food.

Their market store takes the form of a premium food boutique, and Dean & Deluca has grown to become a unique retailer with a worldwide brand power by offering a collection of goods in various categories such as fresh vegetables and fruits, rich ingredients, differentiated prepared foods and kitchen supplies. Shinsegae Food established an exclusive partnership with Dean & Deluca in October 2010, for all licensed businesses such as markets, cafes, catering and online shopping. Dean & Deluca has grown to become a global premium gourmet food business, as well as being a cultural icon of Soho in New York. Since launching the first store in the Shinsegae Department Store (Gangnam branch) in September 2011, it has been providing differentiated and unique food products to Korea. Dean & Deluca currently runs 11 stores in America and has advanced into six countries, including Korea, Japan, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Singapore.

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